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Federal Corporation

This dataset includes 758k federal corporations registered with Corporations Canada. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, name, address, city, postal code, status, directors, etc.

City Province Corporations
1. Montreal QC 126240 16.81%
2. Toronto ON 81255 10.82%
3. Ottawa ON 45144 6.01%
4. Mississauga ON 24591 3.27%
5. Calgary AB 16309 2.17%
6. Vancouver BC 16228 2.16%
7. Brampton ON 15369 2.05%
8. Laval QC 13806 1.84%
9. Gatineau QC 13670 1.82%
10. Markham ON 9279 1.24%

Government Employee

This dataset includes 162k public servants in federal government departments and agencies. Each employee is listed with name, title, phone number, office address, department name, organization name and structure, etc.

City Province Employees
1. Ottawa Ontario 70212 43.47%
2. Gatineau Quebec 27299 16.90%
3. Montreal Quebec 4189 2.59%
4. Toronto Ontario 4051 2.51%
5. Vancouver British Columbia 3549 2.20%
6. Winnipeg Manitoba 2800 1.73%
7. Qubec Quebec 2518 1.56%
8. Edmonton Alberta 2068 1.28%
9. Dartmouth Nova Scotia 1497 0.93%
10. Moncton New Brunswick 1435 0.89%

Federal Corporation

This database includes 758k federal corporations registered with Corporations Canada, the federal corporate regulator. Find federal corporations in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Vancouver, Calgary, Brampton, Laval, Gatineau, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Surrey, Regina, Burnaby.

Toronto Business

This dataset includes 39k business licences issued by Toronto Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S). Find businesses of type Eating Establishment, Retail Store, Taxicab Owner, Public Garage, Building Renovator, Personal Services, Master Plumber; with postal code M9W, M5V, M5T, M3J, M1L.

Vancouver Business

This dataset includes 55k business licences issued by Vancouver Licence Office. Find businesses of type Office, Contractor, Retail Dealer, One-Family Dwelling, Health Services, Apartment House, Secondary Suite, Restaurant, Ltd Service Food Establishment; with postal code V6B, V6E, V6C, V5Z, V6J.


This database contains 162k public servants in Government Electronic Directory Services. Find employees in the department of Public Services & Procurement, Health, Revenue Agency, Fisheries & Oceans, Environment & Climate Change, Statistics, Agriculture & Agri-Food, Shared Services, Transport.