Shi Nian Development Ltd
2611 Westhill Way, West Vancouver, BC V7S 3G9

Shi Nian Development Ltd is Contractor in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The business licence number is 16-108743. The postal code is V7S 3G9. The address is 2611 Westhill Way, West Vancouver, BC V7S 3G9.

Shi Nian Development Ltd · 2611 Westhill Way, West Vancouver, BC V7S 3G9

Licence Sequence 2567553
Licence Number 16-108743
Licence Revision Number 00
Business Name Shi Nian Development Ltd
Address 2611 Westhill Way
West Vancouver
BC V7S 3G9
Postal Code V7S 3G9
Status Gone Out of Business
Business Type Contractor
Business SubType Alterations & Repairs
Number Of Employees Unknown

Shi Nian Development Ltd · Licence History

Licence# Name Address Expire Date
14-325527 Shi Nian Development Ltd 2611 Westhill Way, West Vancouver, BC V7S 3G9 2014-12-31

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