Msgr Fraser College (ol Lourdes Campus)
270 Cherokee Blvd, Toronto, Ontario M2H3B9

Msgr Fraser College (OL Lourdes Campus) is school located in Ontario. The address is 270 Cherokee Blvd, Toronto, Ontario M2H3B9. The phone number is 416-397-6536. The email is

Msgr Fraser College (ol Lourdes Campus) · 270 Cherokee Blvd, Toronto, Ontario M2H3B9

School Number 852549
School Name Msgr Fraser College (OL Lourdes Campus)
School Level Elementary
School Language English
School Type Catholic
School Special Conditions Code Not applicable
Address 270 Cherokee Blvd
Ontario M2H3B9
Phone 416-397-6536
Grade Range 6-8
Date Open 02-09-2014
Principal First Name Nadia
Principal Last Name Adragna
Region Toronto and Area Regional Office
Board Number B67059
Board Name Toronto CDSB
Board Type Cath Dist Sch Brd (E/F)
Board Language English

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