Notre Dame Hs
710 Broadview Ave, Ottawa, Ontario K2A2M2

Notre Dame HS is school located in Ontario. The address is 710 Broadview Ave, Ottawa, Ontario K2A2M2. The phone number is 613-722-6565. The email is

Notre Dame Hs · 710 Broadview Ave, Ottawa, Ontario K2A2M2

School Number 809020
School Name Notre Dame HS
School Level Secondary
School Language English
School Type Catholic
School Special Conditions Code Not applicable
Address 710 Broadview Ave
Ontario K2A2M2
Phone 613-722-6565
Fax 613-722-7471
Grade Range 9-12
Date Open 01-09-1987
Principal First Name Michael
Principal Last Name CURRY
Region Ottawa Regional Office
Board Number B67180
Board Name Ottawa CDSB
Board Type Cath Dist Sch Brd (E/F)
Board Language English

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