ÉÉc Samuel-de-champlain
275 Park Rue, Orillia, Ontario L3V5W1

ÉÉC Samuel-de-Champlain is school located in Ontario. The address is 275 Park Rue, Orillia, Ontario L3V5W1. The phone number is 705-326-7050. The email is lmayer@csdccs.edu.on.ca.

ÉÉc Samuel-de-champlain · 275 Park Rue, Orillia, Ontario L3V5W1

School Number 758965
School Name ÉÉC Samuel-de-Champlain
School Level Elementary
School Language French
School Type Catholic
School Special Conditions Code Not applicable
Address 275 Park rue
Ontario L3V5W1
Phone 705-326-7050
Fax 705-326-7398
Email lmayer@csdccs.edu.on.ca
Grade Range JK-6
Date Open 01-09-1986
Principal First Name Louise R.
Principal Last Name Mayer
Region Toronto and Area Regional Office
Board Number B67318
Board Name CSDC Centre-Sud
Board Type Cath Dist Sch Brd (E/F)
Board Language French

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