Dianne Lone Director

Dianne Lone is employed in Finance. The job title is Director. The salary paid in 2016 is $154,439.78.

Dianne Lone · Finance

Last Name Lone
First Name Dianne
Salary Paid $154,439.78
Taxable Benefits $231.73
Employer Finance
Job Title Director
Calendar Year 2016
Sector Government of Ontario - Ministries

Director · Finance · Ontario Employee

$154,439.78 Lone, Dianne Director Finance

Finance · Ontario Employee

$100,252.95 Kerr, Angie Senior Appeals Officer Finance
$108,388.44 Tomlinson, Ava Senior Manager Business Services Finance
$112,951.06 Lauzon, Nicole Regional Manager Program Delivery / Chef régionale, Prestation des programmes Finance
$124,166.19 Cece, Maria Manager, Insurance and Cooperatives Policy Unit / Chef, Unité de la politique applicable aux compagnies d'assurance et aux coopératives Finance
$101,998.70 Fox, Adrian Economic Specialist Finance
$103,625.40 Lo, Christian Senior Program Advisory Specialist Finance
$104,267.43 Raghunath, Anjali Senior Policy Advisor Finance
$100,252.96 Fernandes, Evelyn Senior Policy Advisor Finance
$100,252.95 Chow, Fred Senior Program Analyst Finance
$100,252.95 Misener, Barry Senior Program Analyst Finance
$104,712.24 Anthopoulos, Jack Manager Investigations Finance
$118,225.48 Painter, Diane Manager, Strategic Business Unit Finance
$108,524.70 Brar, Jaswinder Senior Investigator Finance
$117,468.29 Paulin, Denise Senior Manager Program Delivery Tax and Benefits / Chef, prestation de programmes relatifs aux taxes et aux avantages fiscaux et prestations Finance
$117,468.29 Bell Suzuki, Amanda Senior Manager, Operations Finance
$103,519.02 Agboola, Olaoluwa Senior Advisor Finance
$111,454.43 Gorlick, Joel Director, Financial Institutions Policy Branch / Directeur, Direction des politiques relatives aux institutions financières Finance
$100,252.95 Pollard, Cindy Senior Revenue Integrity Advisor Finance
$104,234.09 Buzza, Ray Team Lead Resource Systems Finance
$112,946.17 Bird, Anne Senior Policy Advisor Finance

Director · Ontario Employee

$116,042.28 Davies, Lorraine Director The Canadian Red Cross
$181,207.48 Snider, Anne Director Hamilton Health Sciences
$138,422.96 Moore, Kathryn Director Université d'Ottawa
$141,247.68 Côté, Dominique Director Université d'Ottawa
$144,564.29 Foster, Bruce Director Treasury Board Secretariat
$136,408.37 Lamond, Anita Director Hamilton Health Sciences
$113,915.60 Mar, Cynthia Director Université d'Ottawa
$154,439.78 Lone, Dianne Director Finance
$171,124.29 Davies, William Director Community Safety and Correctional Services
$128,658.66 Almeida, Tim Director Queen's University
$160,457.81 Roy, Francine Anne Director Canadian Institute for Health Information
$162,452.26 Birnie, Susan Director McMaster University
$115,557.00 Sederquest, Lorraine Director Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre
$110,619.07 Gray, Kelly Director Université d'Ottawa
$224,999.88 Mazzorato, Marianne Director Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
$144,881.73 Kool, Lisa Director Community Safety and Correctional Services
$109,835.25 Finlayson, Kelly Director London Health Sciences Centre
$132,745.94 Mckee, Joan Director Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre
$131,622.69 Chouinard, Luc Director Université d'Ottawa
$135,491.81 Hamilton, Kevin Director Sunnybrook Research Institute