Doug Larose Chief Executive Officer

Doug Larose is employed in AgriCorp. The job title is Chief Executive Officer. The salary paid in 2016 is $189,243.54.

Doug Larose · AgriCorp

Last Name Larose
First Name Doug
Salary Paid $189,243.54
Taxable Benefits $687.96
Employer AgriCorp
Job Title Chief Executive Officer
Calendar Year 2016
Sector Crown Agencies

Chief Executive Officer · AgriCorp · Ontario Employee

$184,361.30 Jackiw, Randy Chief Executive Officer AgriCorp

AgriCorp · Ontario Employee

$125,102.12 Ensafi, Masoud Manager, Development Services / Chef, Services de developpement AgriCorp
$112,844.91 Iturriaga, Andrea Transition Manager AgriCorp
$163,643.37 Beifuss, Erich Chief Financial Officer / Directeur des finances AgriCorp
$115,552.84 Bhimji, Zeenat Information Architect / Architecte de l'information AgriCorp
$109,229.38 Middleton, Mark Manager, Computing and Network Services / Chef, Services d’informatique et de réseautique AgriCorp
$189,243.54 Larose, Doug Chief Executive Officer AgriCorp
$100,582.91 Carson, Angela Manager, Development and Readiness / Chef, Developpement et preparation AgriCorp
$128,892.13 Wong, Roxana Senior Manager, Information Technology Client Services / Chef, Services aux clients technologie de l'information AgriCorp
$105,690.17 Fenlon, Paul Director, Program Delivery / Directeur, Exécution des programmes AgriCorp
$184,361.30 Jackiw, Randy Chief Executive Officer AgriCorp
$107,186.69 Hall, John Manager, Test Services / Chef, Services d’essais de systèmes AgriCorp
$104,108.13 Kent, Walter Manager, Audit Services / Chef, Services de vérification AgriCorp
$134,773.86 Gallagher, Jocelyn Senior Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development / Directrice principale des ressources humaines et du develppement organisationnel AgriCorp
$127,840.56 Lennox, Lee Ann Director, Operations AgriCorp
$105,748.44 Spratt, C. Diane Senior Manager, Customer Commitment / Chef principale, Engagement envers la clientele AgriCorp
$100,364.45 Chow, Leslie Team Leader, Development Services / Chef d’équipe, Services de développement AgriCorp
$113,200.54 Siderius, Anna Director, Strategic Management and Communications/Directrice de la gestion strategique et des communicaitons AgriCorp
$105,856.07 Lassaline, Amy Manager, Learning Services / Chef, Services d’apprentissage AgriCorp
$110,044.16 Becker, Steve Manager, Finance / Chef des finances AgriCorp
$103,543.60 Stevenson, Carla Manager, Consulting and Recruitment Services / Chef, Services de consultation et de recrutement AgriCorp

Chief Executive Officer · Ontario Employee

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$104,823.21 Orlando, Tullio Chief Executive Officer Montage Support Services of Toronto
$142,576.94 Grace, Gordan Chief Executive Officer Ontario University Athletics
$113,670.46 Woiceshyn, Donna Chief Executive Officer Niagara Regional Housing
$269,999.60 Allen-Lamb, Megan C. Chief Executive Officer Central Community Care Access Centre
$139,828.00 Langer, Julia Chief Executive Officer City of Toronto - Toronto Atmospheric Fund
$157,431.70 Ozolins, Pierre Chief Executive Officer St. Joseph's General Hospital
$159,345.22 Shields, Rebecca Chief Executive Officer Canadian Mental Health Association - York Region Branch
$107,671.62 Greco, Frank Chief Executive Officer Brain Injury Community Re-Entry (Niagara) Inc.
$110,005.73 Sammon, Trisha Chief Executive Officer Valley Manor Inc.
$118,523.98 Coxon, Michael Chief Executive Officer Mills Community Support Corporation
$244,007.11 Bubela, Natalie Chief Executive Officer Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare
$306,448.48 Kingsbury, Kori Chief Executive Officer Cardiac Care Network of Ontario
$140,996.47 Ciavarella, Kim Chief Executive Officer Banyan Community Services Inc.