Susan Flanagan Director

Susan Flanagan is employed in Education. The job title is Director. The salary paid in 2016 is $108,555.42.

Susan Flanagan · Education

Last Name Flanagan
First Name Susan
Salary Paid $108,555.42
Taxable Benefits $208.47
Employer Education
Job Title Director
Calendar Year 2016
Sector Government of Ontario - Ministries

Director · Education · Ontario Employee

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$108,555.42 Flanagan, Susan Director Education

Education · Ontario Employee

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$101,491.27 Williams, Koren Senior Program Policy Analyst principale des programmes et des politiques Education

Director · Ontario Employee

$106,976.74 Ganton, Jennifer Director The Ottawa Hospital
$117,813.60 Séguin-Jak, Sylvie Director Université d'Ottawa
$112,747.92 Cloutier, Agathe Director Université d'Ottawa
$208,650.80 Hansen, David Director Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board
$134,168.63 McBain, Michael Director Community Safety and Correctional Services
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$149,112.64 Histed, Michael Director Université d'Ottawa
$155,503.04 Barbieri, Dawne Director North York General Hospital
$105,199.08 Levin, Leo Director Children's Aid Society Toronto
$142,052.37 Jickling, Joan M. Director Halton Healthcare Services Corporation
$123,613.53 Bright, Andrew Director Education
$140,529.11 Breton, Cathy Director Children's Aid Society Toronto
$132,768.56 McKay, John Bernard Director McMaster University
$122,315.29 Laman, Debbie Director St. Joseph's Health Care London
$117,269.70 Mellas, Mary Director Advanced Education and Skills Development
$171,169.18 Alakas, Daniel Director Community Safety and Correctional Services
$134,851.60 Hall, Marlene Director St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
$101,939.90 Dubois, Melanie Director Hamilton Health Sciences
$133,067.28 Giroux, Claude Director Université d'Ottawa
$130,768.92 Kherani, Shairoz Director Hamilton Health Sciences