Steven Davidson Deputy Minister
Cabinet Office

Steven Davidson is employed in Cabinet Office. The job title is Deputy Minister. The salary paid in 2016 is $260,159.28.

Steven Davidson · Cabinet Office

Last Name Davidson
First Name Steven
Salary Paid $260,159.28
Taxable Benefits $30,477.41
Employer Cabinet Office
Job Title Deputy Minister
Calendar Year 2016
Sector Government of Ontario - Ministries

Deputy Minister · Cabinet Office · Ontario Employee

$264,990.72 Betzner, Lynn Deputy Minister Cabinet Office
$260,159.28 Davidson, Steven Deputy Minister Cabinet Office

Cabinet Office · Ontario Employee

$260,159.28 Davidson, Steven Deputy Minister Cabinet Office
$102,604.35 Frndova, Lucia Manager and Secretary, Legislation and Regulations Committee Cabinet Office
$117,468.29 Valerio, Anna Deputy Clerk and Manager, Machinery of Government Cabinet Office
$171,526.37 Lehman, Mark Director, Canadian Intergovernmental Relations Cabinet Office
$114,998.84 Peet, Chelsea Senior Manager, International Operations Cabinet Office
$264,990.72 Betzner, Lynn Deputy Minister Cabinet Office
$107,089.27 Fenton, Tannis Manager, Content Cabinet Office
$102,647.19 Astill, Michelle M. Senior Policy Advisor Cabinet Office
$150,981.66 Dunker, Blair Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Administrative Officer, Corporate Planning and Services Branch Cabinet Office
$123,712.54 Farrow, Alicia Director, Operations Cabinet Office
$132,621.37 Porter, Jay Director, Strategy and Results Cabinet Office
$115,038.50 Forrest, Jamie L. Coordinator, Freedom of Information and Issues Cabinet Office
$107,209.15 Vital, Paula I. Senior Manager Cabinet Office
$110,339.99 Watson, Kathryn Alli Senior Policy Advisor Cabinet Office
$117,507.24 Coe, Michael J. Chief of Staff Cabinet Office
$104,816.24 Sager, Ebony Team Lead, Digital Technology Cabinet Office
$107,797.74 Bliss, Rose Director, Public Engagement, Education and Communications Cabinet Office
$193,922.35 McFadyen, Craig Assistant Deputy Minister, Economics and Justice Cabinet Office
$110,838.32 Ballantine, John Senior Policy Advisor Cabinet Office
$108,478.56 Dmitriev, Constantine S. Senior Intergovernmental Affairs Specialist Cabinet Office

Deputy Minister · Ontario Employee

$305,603.24 Monahan, Patrick Deputy Minister Attorney General
$252,685.39 Coke, Angela Deputy Minister Government and Consumer Services
$264,990.72 Betzner, Lynn Deputy Minister Cabinet Office
$133,276.01 Rafi, Saäd Deputy Minister Cabinet Office
$268,769.21 Gherson, Giles Deputy Minister Economic Development and Growth / Research, Innovation and Science
$242,375.85 Evans, Paul Deputy Minister Environment and Climate Change
$201,775.83 Matthews, Nancy Deputy Minister Children and Youth Services
$239,986.85 de Launay, David Deputy Minister Northern Development and Mines
$254,540.46 Rodrigues, Bruce Deputy Minister Education
$265,487.81 Zegarac, George Deputy Minister Infrastructure
$239,225.88 Stark, Deborah Deputy Minister Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
$241,110.93 Richardson, Deborah Deputy Minister Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
$148,176.94 Newman, Deborah Deputy Minister Advanced Education and Skills Development
$193,341.58 Adamson, Maureen Deputy Minister Tourism, Culture and Sport
$256,977.52 Menard, Janet Deputy Minister Community and Social Services
$242,407.79 Fougère, Marie-Lison Deputy Minister Office of Francophone Affairs
$260,159.28 Davidson, Steven Deputy Minister Cabinet Office
$283,931.80 Torigian, Matthew Deputy Minister Community Safety and Correctional Services
$426,535.20 Bell, Robert Deputy Minister Health and Long-Term Care
$243,479.08 Thornton, William Deputy Minister Natural Resources and Forestry