Lori Bell Executive Director
Georgian College

Lori Bell is employed in Georgian College. The job title is Executive Director. The salary paid in 2016 is $146,244.41.

Lori Bell · Georgian College

Last Name Bell
First Name Lori
Salary Paid $146,244.41
Taxable Benefits $121.32
Employer Georgian College
Job Title Executive Director
Calendar Year 2016
Sector Colleges

Executive Director · Georgian College · Ontario Employee

$146,244.41 Bell, Lori Executive Director Georgian College
$140,981.97 Muscat, Brian Executive Director Georgian College
$140,591.86 Brooks, Daniel Executive Director Georgian College
$183,066.98 Pickard, John Executive Director Georgian College
$135,705.11 Goheen, Joyce Executive Director Georgian College

Georgian College · Ontario Employee

$106,556.26 Martin, Derek Professor Georgian College
$119,236.27 Mutchler, Cynthia Registrar Georgian College
$114,852.53 Boiangiu, Costan Professor Georgian College
$130,797.61 Hunt, Bryan Associate Dean Georgian College
$118,293.20 Baron, Mary Michele Professor Georgian College
$109,043.28 Lankshear, Sara Professor Georgian College
$108,651.58 Marchand, Melanie Professor Georgian College
$151,407.27 Bale, Lisa Executive Director Projects Georgian College
$199,852.38 Banks, Lisa Vice President Georgian College
$109,093.28 White, Heather Professor Georgian College
$109,043.28 Sky, Ron Professor Georgian College
$106,391.71 Khan, Shariq Professor Georgian College
$102,075.22 Laws, Jennifer Professor Georgian College
$100,250.62 Robinet, Mark-Robert Professor Georgian College
$112,065.00 Boydell, Gary Professor Georgian College
$114,852.53 Lovering, Andrea Professor Georgian College
$109,016.40 Maceachern, Martha Professor Georgian College
$110,096.76 Ellis, Shane Professor Georgian College
$104,417.48 Evans, Gary Professor Georgian College
$134,247.19 Sutton, Angela Director Georgian College

Executive Director · Ontario Employee

$202,999.94 Richard, Kenn Executive Director Native Child and Family Services of Toronto
$100,732.00 Rogers, Rogers Executive Director Four Counties Addiction Services Team Incorporated
$103,705.70 King, Joanne Executive Director Barry's Bay and Area Senior Citizens Home Support Services
$113,324.00 Chamberlain, Nancy Executive Director Thunder Bay Counselling Centre
$100,532.48 Mcclemont, Timothy Executive Director The AIDS Network
$153,562.44 Muckle, Wendy Executive Director Ottawa Inner City Health Inc.
$196,868.51 Badzioch, Rick Executive Director St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
$180,894.62 Fainer, Claire Executive Director East Metro Youth Services
$109,744.00 Foster, Lisa Executive Director Community Living Thunder Bay
$131,911.94 Hoskin, Sandie Executive Director Lake Ridge Community Support Services
$102,379.13 Myers, Deborah Executive Director Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic Child Care Centres Inc
$103,622.53 Eckensweiller, Anna-Marie Executive Director OPTIONS Northwest Personal Support Services
$138,541.23 Lomaszewycz, Sandra Executive Director Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre
$120,177.63 Wong, Mila Executive Director Sudbury Developmental Services
$124,757.32 Sprague, Duff Executive Director Port Hope Community Health Centre
$135,651.11 Feraday, Michael Executive Director Barrie and Community Family Health Team
$125,092.26 Hadley, Rita Marie Executive Director Lansdowne Children's Centre
$107,989.64 Hawkins, Bernnitta Executive Director Woodgreen Red Door Family Shelter
$106,165.45 Visconti, Deborah Executive Director City of Toronto - Community Centre 55
$106,752.10 Laidler, Lynn Executive Director Rapids Family Health Team