Government Employee

Dataset Overview

This dataset provides 162k public servants across Canada, employed by federal government departments and agencies. Each employee is listed with the following information: surname, given name, initials, title, telephone number, fax number, email, office address (building, street address, city, province, postal code), administrative assistant, executive assistant, department name, organization name, organization structure, etc.

Department · Government Employee

Department Name Department Acronym Employees
1. Public Services and Procurement Canada PSPC-SPAC 15774 8.95%
2. Fisheries and Oceans Canada DFO-MPO 9846 5.59%
3. Employment and Social Development Canada ESDC-EDSC 9601 5.45%
4. Health Canada HC-SC 9221 5.23%
5. Canada Revenue Agency CRA-ARC 9090 5.16%
6. Environment and Climate Change Canada ECCC-ECCC 7222 4.10%
7. Statistics Canada STATCAN-STATCAN 7119 4.04%
8. Transport Canada TC-TC 7066 4.01%
9. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada AAFC-AAC 6062 3.44%
10. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada ISED-ISDE 6061 3.44%
11. Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada INAC-AANC 5789 3.29%
12. Shared Services Canada SSC-SPC 5699 3.24%
13. Canadian Food Inspection Agency CFIA-ACIA 5010 2.84%
14. Justice Canada JUS-JUS 4956 2.81%
15. Parks Canada PC-PC 4600 2.61%
16. Global Affairs Canada GAC-AMC 4519 2.57%
17. Natural Resources Canada NRCAN-RNCAN 4420 2.51%
18. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC-IRCC 4150 2.36%
19. Canada Border Services Agency CBSA-ASFC 3874 2.20%
20. House of Commons HOC-CDC 3595 2.04%

City · Government Employee

City Province Employees
1. Ottawa Ontario 75465 42.84%
2. Gatineau Quebec 29827 16.93%
3. Toronto Ontario 4835 2.74%
4. Montreal Quebec 4561 2.59%
5. Vancouver British Columbia 4113 2.33%
6. Winnipeg Manitoba 3413 1.94%
7. Edmonton Alberta 2622 1.49%
8. Québec Quebec 2454 1.39%
9. Dartmouth Nova Scotia 1672 0.95%
10. Moncton New Brunswick 1634 0.93%
11. Halifax Nova Scotia 1497 0.85%
12. Calgary Alberta 1390 0.79%
13. Charlottetown Prince Edward Island 1134 0.64%
14. Miramichi New Brunswick 1115 0.63%
15. St John's Newfoundland and Labrador 1094 0.62%
16. Saskatoon Saskatchewan 1009 0.57%
17. Shediac New Brunswick 936 0.53%
18. Regina Saskatchewan 851 0.48%
19. Dorval Quebec 832 0.47%
20. Victoria British Columbia 747 0.42%

Postal Code · Government Employee

Postal Code City Province Employees
1. K1A Ottawa Ontario 64674 36.71%
2. K1A Gatineau Quebec 23201 13.17%
3. K1P Ottawa Ontario 4232 2.40%
4. J8X Gatineau Quebec 4074 2.31%
5. K1G Ottawa Ontario 2489 1.41%
6. R3C Winnipeg Manitoba 1857 1.05%
7. T5J Edmonton Alberta 1709 0.97%
8. V6Z Vancouver British Columbia 1549 0.88%
9. E1C Moncton New Brunswick 1455 0.83%
10. H2Z Montréal Quebec 1378 0.78%
11. B2Y Dartmouth Nova Scotia 1315 0.75%
12. B3J Halifax Nova Scotia 1269 0.72%
13. G1K Québec Quebec 1079 0.61%
14. M2N Toronto Ontario 1070 0.61%
15. R3B Winnipeg Manitoba 1054 0.60%
16. C1A Charlottetown Prince Edward Island 1015 0.58%
17. A1C St John's Newfoundland and Labrador 951 0.54%
18. E1V Miramichi New Brunswick 940 0.53%
19. E4P Shediac New Brunswick 936 0.53%
20. H5A Montréal Quebec 920 0.52%


Hubert, Stefan    
Shared Services Canada
- 0.03166515010564137, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4A8
Noël, Lynne     Transeditor
Parliamentary Publications
House of Commons
18 0.7090764126824927, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
Anthires, Rithus     Regional Transportation Security Inspector
Security and Emergency Preparedness
Transport Canada
54 0.048862883866636904, Mississauga, Ontario L5P 1A1
Guay, Mathieu     Computer Support Technician
Knowledge, Information and Technology Services
National Research Council Canada
Blok, Dawn     Intern
Social Life and Culture Private Archives Division
Library and Archives Canada
55 0.07026078837947994, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0N4
Beaudette, Sylvie     Receptionist
Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
20 0.9460241607818978, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1M 0C8
Maloney, Tim     Investment Analyst
Investor Services
Global Affairs Canada
11 0.7162436644697968, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G2
Wilson, Dawn     Funding Arrangements Systems Administrator
Transfer Payments
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
36 0.5216796337828782, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3A3
Wong, Frankie     Administrative officer
Health Canada
Lehoux, Joël     Executive Director, Financial Controls and Accounting Services
Financial Controls and Accounting Services
Transport Canada
33 0.2788594153512823, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N5
Hindle, Tegan     Cataloguing Librarian
Description Division
Library and Archives Canada
55 0.7105391842411265, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0N4
Laforge, Lissa     Financial Analyst
Health Canada
Gaudet, Valerie     Program Support Clerk
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
36 0.7301468911861506, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H4
Pallasch, Ralph     Testing Analyst
Pension System Support
Public Services and Procurement Canada
14 0.6212859764893409, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7P8
Miller, Lacey     Legal Counsel
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Legal Services (ISEDC)
Justice Canada
Cd 0.9531317632208874, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5
Wong, Carmelle     Realty Officer
Field Unit Office
Parks Canada
10 0.22697062345870828, Markham, Ontario
Naismith, Brad     Print/Insertion Operator
Winnipeg Production Center
Public Services and Procurement Canada
75 0.494109245477346, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2X 3B4
Scali, Angela     Business Expertise Sr Consult
Com & Mrkg Dir (Cmd)-B
Employment and Social Development Canada
20 0.7866581518078765, Montréal, Quebec H2Z 1X4
Cook, Ted     Director General, Tax Legislation
Tax Legislation Division
Finance Canada
90 0.8707561920124629, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G5
Henry, Trevor     Senior Technical Advisor
Enterprise Architecture
Shared Services Canada
56 0.40184081103824154, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4A8
Blanchet, Annie     Supply Specialist
Public Services and Procurement Canada
So 0.35305675152042576, Montréal, Quebec H5A 1L6
Robert, Anne-Marie     Manager
Public Health Agency of Canada
Saulis, Natasha     Chief, Halifax Marine
Newfoundland & Labrador, and Nova Scotia District
Canada Border Services Agency
26 0.5623878012992328, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3S 0J5
Mealing, Jennifer     Interaction designer
Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
90 0.9609265606486486, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R5
Magnan, Diane    
Shared Services Canada
23 0.006259065127241486, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4A8
Lodin, Lyne     Specialist - Vehicle Fleet
Centre of Expertise
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
20 0.473656651073747, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E6
Hayes, Maureen     Director General
Public Services and Procurement Canada
11 0.021731476319703718, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0S5
Young, Chrissie     Graphic Artist
Training Design and Development
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
70 0.36853946314057284, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 1L1
Keats, Sam     Loran C Controller
Technical Maintenance - St Anthony
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Po 0.43929087318413973, St Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador A0K 4S0
Wakeling, Tara     Project Manager
Publishing and Depository Services
Public Services and Procurement Canada
35 0.10190753182573946, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0S5
Yanke, Jay     Bacteriologist
Bio-Products and Bio-Processes
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Po 0.41102100667638797, Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 4B1
Beaulieu, Stéphanie     Virtual Mail and Document Control Clerk
Public Services and Procurement Canada
15 0.3962349271366698, Matane, Quebec G4W 4N3
Levesque, Nathalie     Director
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
40 0.3602320629732982, Amherst, Nova Scotia B3H 3Z3
Bongiorno, Enza     Information Management Officer
Information Management and Technology
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
36 0.5568110063269837, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3A3
Miller, Valerie     Admin Officer
Health Canada
Bence, Milidza     Communication Officer
Digital Communications
Environment and Climate Change Canada
20 0.12722705223339334, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H3
Prégent, Pierre-Louis     Senior Analyst
Distribution Regulatory Policy
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
Le 0.030833447380767622, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2
Thorp, Jo Anne     Medical Adj Consultant NHQ
Employment and Social Development Canada
14 0.49248240188926684, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0J9
Gérin, Anne-Marie     Project Manager
Facilities Management Services - National Capital Region
Natural Resources Canada
58 0.839971426725361, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E4
Bachmier, Frank     Supp Anlst, Infrastructure/Ops
Business Solutions - Workplace Technology
Employment and Social Development Canada
97 0.8727806060321448, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4C1
Deria, Hanan    
Shared Services Canada
99 0.7229635787410322, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1E3
Arora, Ruby     Executive Assistant
Employment and Social Development Canada
43 0.028720508356318352, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2S5
Larcher, Christian     Stores & Services Supervisor
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
11 0.278240138923973, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1R 2J6
Williams, Stephen J     Supervisor, Flight Simulator Operations
Flight Simulator Operations
Transport Canada
20 0.17921248374433488, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9B2
Theriault, Harold B     Program Manager - Armoured Vehicles / PPE
Physical Security Devices
Global Affairs Canada
12 0.6166852373785202, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G2
Charlebois, Francine     Administrative Officer
Ministerial Services
Public Services and Procurement Canada
11 0.698471645543791, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0S5
Carrier, Jasmine     Communications Coordinator
Energy Services Acquisition Program
Public Services and Procurement Canada
27 0.32396666083854314, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0S5
Bak, Celina     a/Associate Director
Health Canada
McKinney, Taylor     Student
Indigenous Services Canada
Indigenous Services Canada
11 0.05877334816267094, Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 4S3
Parent, Charles    
Storage Team A-3
Shared Services Canada
70 0.6748219045575912, Gatineau, Quebec J8Y 3P2
Mongeon, Chanelle     Social Media Officer
Creative Services
Public Service Commission
22 0.7552627360031593, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0M7
Tran, Tam     Technical advisor, Solution Integration
Solutions Integration Services (Client Led)
Shared Services Canada
35 0.10918736095464543, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 4A8
Erlandson, Martin     Research Scientist - Applied Microbiology, Food Science
Environmental Health
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
10 0.08139457561205568, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 0X2
Karim, Sairose     Administrative Assistant
Public Safety Canada
Public Safety Canada
60 0.6262861961743665, Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 4R4
Chan-Lau, Selena     Settlement Officer
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
22 0.9587890114251422, Calgary, Alberta T2G 4X3
Calloway, Lisa     Manager
Canada Revenue Agency
11 0.6738288753422246, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L5
Grant, Kara     Partnering and Stakeholder Relations Officer
Strategic Partnering Branch
Parks Canada
40 0.164669902217267, York, Prince Edward Island C1A 5V8
Broughton, Carolyn     Transeditor
Parliamentary Publications
House of Commons
18 0.7678682215212549, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
Haddad, Nadia     Communication advisor
Marketing and Outreach
Library and Archives Canada
55 0.8753013414100757, Gatineau, Quebec J8T 0A7
Kelly, Louise     Director
Centralized Services Directorate
Public Services and Procurement Canada
14 0.7109643357908021, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R5
Malouin, Pierre R     Special Initiatives Coordinator
Public Services and Procurement Canada
22 0.8539753033350923, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0S5
McKenna, Brian     Supervisor
Pacific Campus
Canada Border Services Agency
10 0.8364763370123471, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L8
Patenaude, Martin     A/ Account Executive
Service Delivery and Management
Shared Services Canada
12 0.25961621688643116, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2
Durand, Luc     Senior Advisor
Canada Revenue Agency
39 0.028444953289297366, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L5
Thompson, Tom     Multimedia Production Specialist
Exhibitions and Online Content Division
Library and Archives Canada
55 0.3260185209345245, Gatineau, Quebec J8T 0A7
Van Den Hanenberg, Stephen     Supply Officer
Scientific, Medical and Photographic Division - PV
Public Services and Procurement Canada
14 0.6613498392154927, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R5
Martins, Jesse     A/Resource Management Project Leader;
Unit 1 - FMAS CVB (BRANCH team)
Canada Revenue Agency
39 0.7215894625723264, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L5
McNeil, Annick     Manager, Pay and Benefits
Pay and Benefits
House of Commons
50 0.6588037606876378, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
Sigouin, Julie     program officer
Health Canada
McAuley, Julie     Chief Results and Delivery Officer
Results Delivery Unit
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
23 0.16142256852371858, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5
Wan, Lisa     Communication Officer
Justice Canada
30 0.7419400566648133, Edmonton, Alberta T5H 0E7
Arif, Ifrah     Junior Program Officer
Unit A
Canada Border Services Agency
22 0.6573439935756326, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L8
Bobst, Jordan     A/Governance Officer
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
18 0.7613237069559504, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 2S9
Kanak, Lisa     Implementation Officer
Additions to Reserves/Specific Claims
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
18 0.2353342075229941, REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN S4P 2S9
Bilodeau, Gabrielle     Chargée de dossiers principale - Cameroun, RCA, RDC, Gabon
West and Central Africa Bilateral Relations Division
Global Affairs Canada
12 0.986834792408007, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G2
Kiser, Rania     Coordinator, Professional Services Contracts
National Capital Region
Defence Construction Canada
18 0.7992717929177655, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 0B6
Warren, Kevin B     Lighthouse Keeper - Pass Island Lightstation
Aids to Navigation
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
So 0.2835161111164057, St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador A1C 5X1
Patricio, Marcia     GPHIN Surveillance Analyst
Public Health Agency of Canada
Mabaleka, Godfrey     Manager, IT Bus Line Supp Serv
Enterprise Project- C
Employment and Social Development Canada
22 0.8609655591295712, Gatineau, Quebec J8X 2V6
Kabir, Rehnuma     Human Resources Advisor
Health Canada
Cirella, Natalie     Inspector
Food Program - Mississauga
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
10 0.9880650425218651, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2R4
Pease, Katherine     Trade Commissioner
Regional Office Pacific
Global Affairs Canada
30 0.37597944156823626, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 6B4
Carl, Clint     Fish Protection Program Biologist
Fisheries Protection Program
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Su 0.22566186005776923, Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3S4
Blair, Tammy     Aquatic Science Biologist, Section Head, Habitat Ecology Section
Coastal Ecosystem Science Division
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Be 0.43474250513570617, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 4A2
Draus, Justine     Junior Regulatory Affairs Officer
Health Canada
Hawa, Zoe     Deputy Director - Life Sciences
Multi-Sectors Practices
Global Affairs Canada
11 0.9347608945656204, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1J1
Girard, Joshua     Senior Financial Advisor
Science and Technology Branch
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
13 0.48513694990904715, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C5
Guindon, Luc     Chef de projets en télédétection
Forest Ecosystems Program
Natural Resources Canada
10 0.7203929999101841, Québec, Quebec G1V 4C7
Jones, Jillian     Senior Data Analyst
Data - Program Integrity Unit
Employment and Social Development Canada
16 0.41852593647178815, Gatineau, Quebec J8X 3X2
Hart, Lorna    
Health Canada
Cloutier, Benoit     Technical Advisor
Cyber Security
Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada
24 0.8388259223092589, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0X8
McDonald, Dana     Sr Communications Advisor
Indigenous Services Canada
70 0.9441389832125409, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H4
Diouf, Cheikh    
Shared Services Canada
10 0.27729922465728524, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H4
Zenchyson-smith, Devin     Field Crops Technical Assistant
Sustainable Production Systems
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
60 0.9327718233063554, Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1W1
Meloche, Daniel     Systems Integrator
Centre for IM/IT Security
Global Affairs Canada
20 0.6910665479405471, Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0G4
Adamovic, Marko     Program Lead
Sun-Earth System Sciences
Canadian Space Agency
67 0.7326601415245423, Saint-Hubert, Quebec J3Y 8Y9
Rocco, Christopher     Senior Policy Analyst
Data, Analytics, and Reporting
Employment and Social Development Canada
20 0.3599267353861842, Gatineau, Quebec J8Y 3B5
LeBlanc, Charles H. A     Marine Intelligence Analyst
Marine Security
Transport Canada
Po 0.7375385647057915, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5X5
Dupuis, Danny     Program Officer
Canada Revenue Agency
75 0.6205695165512799, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L5
Monteduro, Anna     Administrative Officer
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
36 0.2999068473464873, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1L1