Ohali Transportation Inc.
502 Wingale, Ottawa, ON K1T 2H4

Ohali transportation Inc. is federal corporation in Canada. The corporation number is 9463429. The address is 502 Wingale, Ottawa, ON K1T 2H4. The city is Ottawa, ON. The postal code is K1T 2H4. The current status is Active - Actif.

Ohali transportation Inc. · 502 Wingale, Ottawa, ON K1T 2H4

Corporation Number 9463429
Corporate Name Ohali transportation Inc.
Business Number (BN) 802427922RC0001
Current Status Active - Actif
Office Address 502 wingale
Ottawa, ON K1T 2H4
Governing Legislation Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA)
Loi canadienne sur les sociétés par actions (LCSA)
Activities 2015-10-04 Incorporation - Constitution en société.
Director Limits minimum: 1, maximum: 10

Name Change · Ohali transportation Inc.

2015-10-04 - 2017-05-29 Ohali transportation Inc.

Directors · Ohali transportation Inc.

  • Fawsiya Omar
    502 wingale, Ottawa ON K1T 2H4, Canada

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