Ph Data Solutions Inc.
Suite 2202 4 Hanover Road, Brampton, ON L6S 4J1

pH Data Solutions Inc. is federal corporation in Canada. The corporation number is 6249752. The address is Suite 2202 4 Hanover Road, Brampton, ON L6S 4J1. The city is BRAMPTON, ON. The postal code is L6S 4J1. The current status is Dissolved - Dissoute.

pH Data Solutions Inc. · Suite 2202 4 Hanover Road, Brampton, ON L6S 4J1

Corporation Number 6249752
Corporate Name pH Data Solutions Inc.
Business Number (BN) 859695470RC0001
Current Status Dissolved - Dissoute
Office Address SUITE 2202
Governing Legislation Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA)
Loi canadienne sur les sociétés par actions (LCSA)
Activities 2004-06-18 Incorporation - Constitution en société.
2007-08-13 Dissolution - Dissolution.
Director Limits minimum: 1, maximum: 3

Name Change · pH Data Solutions Inc.

2004-06-18 - 2017-04-29 pH Data Solutions Inc.

Directors · pH Data Solutions Inc.


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