G.w. Skene School
6226 Penbrooke Drive S.e., Calgary, AB T2A6M7

G.W. Skene School is school located in Alberta. The address is 6226 Penbrooke Drive S.e., Calgary, AB T2A6M7. The phone number is (403) 777-8150. The email is gwskene@cbe.ab.ca. The website is http://www.cbe.ab.ca/b351.

G.w. Skene School · 6226 Penbrooke Drive S.e., Calgary, AB T2A6M7

School Code 9351
School Name G.W. Skene School
Address 6226 Penbrooke Drive S.E.
Phone (403) 777-8150
Fax (403) 777-8159
Email gwskene@cbe.ab.ca
Website http://www.cbe.ab.ca/b351
Program Taught Elementary
Authority Name Calgary School District No. 19

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